The Rantosaur Listen up Tulsi

Having lived and worked in Hawaii for nigh on 40 years, this "white supremacist", or should I say '"F-ing Haole", who has owned property here the whole time, built my own homeS, owned and operated my own electrical contracting business and contested with the bureaucratic corrupt swamp here for decades (I can name names and cite instances), found you, Tulsi, to be A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!!!!

To the extent that my wife and I crossed party lines and voted for you!!!

TULSI...After Trump's term expires in 2024, but before then, GET RED-PILLED, become a Republican, let go of that stupid GND/retribution fantasy, run for President of the United States of America, and then and only then WE WILL CONSIDER VOTING FOR YOU!!!

Whoops! I spoke too soon. Now that you, Tulsi, support impeaching Trump...WE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN!!!