The Rantosaur Evolution is a Theory

This rant was precipitated by a Styxhexenhammer666 video posted on 2/2/2011 entitled "The Top Ten Lies of Christianity":

Your suppositions are well-received and I hold all of your commentary in HIGH regard.
Also, as this video is dated, I am aware that your views have changed over time and evidence, scientific or otherwise, is continually evolving.
That being said, I would like to focus on lie #10 - "There is a lack of evidence for evolution".
I refer to those sheeple who espouse this viewpoint as "christianites".
There is plenty of evidence in the first chapter of Genesis in the KJV of the Bible to support the theory of evolution.

Also, let's not fail to recognize that Darwin's theory is just that - a theory.
It has not risen to the level of an axiom or law of science.
I submit that all of the elements of evolution, which I wholly support, are quite simply the mechanism by which God created the universe.
I see no contradiction here :-)