The Rantosaur Consider Hitchhikers

There are different "levels" of hitchhikers:

1) He is carrying a gas can. That's an emergency. Pick him up, but watch your back.
2) He is walking. He will get to his destination some day. Good for him.
3) He is standing there, waiting for a ride. He is going nowhere.
4) His girlfriend is holding out her thumb. He's staying out of sight in the shade. What a jerk!
5) He is sitting down holding up a destination sign. He planned it that way. Drive on by.
6) He jumps out in front of you to get your attention. Score points, run him over...
    (just kidding - instead, swerve into the other lane and kill both yourself and the oncoming driver).
7) He flips you off if you don't pick him up, like you owe him. Arrest him for hitchhiking.

I once picked up a hitchhiker while driving through the Columbia River Gorge.
All I got was a bad smell in the car and an empty wine bottle left on my back seat.
Thanks "bro", I could have been busted for having an open container in the car.
That was a long time ago (back in the 70s). These days you might get mugged.