The Rantosaur Born and Bred in the Brier Patch

Bernie’s “medicare for all” proposal aside, if you really want to lower the cost of healthcare, deunionize it.

Having been a loyal member of the I.B.E.W., I know firsthand how union workers go out of their way to screw over their employers, kind of like biting the hand that feeds you.
Being in the union is similar to being tenured as a college professor. It’s hard to get rid of the slackers, or those with a poor work ethic.

Then I grew into the reality of owning and operating my own electrical contracting business.
No way would I have signed a union contract!
It is hard enough just trying to survive at that level! There were times when I made less than my lowest paid employees. And I certainly worked harder and longer hours (not to mention the stress of it all). Many times I had to work by myself all weekend just to make payroll on Monday. If you’ve ever been in business, you know what I mean. Contracting is an especially tough business if you are honest.

Having said all this, there are a many positive aspects of unionism, most of which have been replaced by a slew of laws protecting workers...minimum wage, OSHA, Workers Compensation, Social Security, Medicare, just to mention a few, and public college trade courses.