The Rantosaur About Cow Farts

Here is a solution to AOC's cow-fart emergency...

Take all the plastic straws, stick them up cows' asses (the more the moooier), light them, then stand back (not behind) and congratulate yourself as all the cows and plastic straws get rocketed into outer space.

Better yet...
Strap space cargo onto cow's backs.
Feed the cows before hand, inject more straws, and shoot for Mars!

That's the ticket...two environmental emergencies solved at once, but please let me know in advance so that I can put on my hip boots!

So, according to the NGD cow-fart logic...

It must be a good thing that the , well, let's just call them "American Settlers" (and blame them), wiped out almost all of the buffalo, back in the "good ole' days".

Maybe this was their actual motivation...To totally eliminate buffalo farts, thereby saving the planet. Brilliant!

Too bad the American Indian people had to suffer and starve, but oh well, THAT'S PROGRESS.

"THAT'S PROGRESS" - Hmm, where do we hear that sentiment allot, these days?

Beware, this analogy is foreboding...

Compare the so-called "Expansion of the West" (that's a nice way of putting it), to the whole GND cow fart strategy (not to mention Agenda 21).

In both scenarios the "Powers-That-Be" strive to starve out the people who live on the land, make them homeless, bring them into total submission, ship them off to the "reservation", or FEMA camp, or wherever, and then lay claim to the land and resources that remain.

Mission accomplished on the first aforementioned historical event.

"Progress" is being made (or at least attempted) on the second.

History repeats itself. God save us!

History repeats itself...

Marie-Antoinette supposedly said, "Let them eat cake."

Green New Dealers are saying, in essence, "Let them eat bugs and dandy lions".

Perhaps the fate that befell Marie-Antoinette will befall our modern-day elite.

When will they learn.